Are you a beginner or an old pro that wants some coaching? I teach all levels and ages. Did you have piano lessons as a kid and want to reconnect? Want to play standards looking at lead sheets? Or Blues or Rock by "ear"? Are you curious about the jazzy elements of my blues THE WALL STREET RAG? Or how about my chord substitutions of Bill Evans' chord substitutions on MY FOOLISH HEART? 

Good teaching requires good listening. I listen to my students and lessons are geared towards their goals. Let me guide you through the study of many genres including jazz, blues, standards and selected classics. We will work on technique, accompaniment, "comping", voiceings, "shapes" and common practice (so called "theory") all with a historical perspective. 

You may study by SKYPE anywhere (See Testimonials below) , or I can travel to your location in the greater Portland, OR, area.

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Absolute virtuosity.  Amazing versatility. Those words describe Grant's pianistic skills. He also, however, possesses an exceptional ability to teach those skills--as well as music in general--to others.

Grant's students, or clients, have included a wide range of people from children just starting out to well-established musicians and composers. 

Now, there's Skype, but more about that later.               

Concerning Grant's versatility. It's all about authenticity. When he plays jazz,there is no remnant of a clasically trained pianist; he is purely and authentically a virtuoso jazz pianist. Same with rock, blues, country, reggae--you name it--doesn't matter. When Grant plays it, it's the real deal.

When I first met Grant, we were both living in Northern California. I was a working bass player with some limited keyboard chops and, throughout the region, Grant was THE piano player.

One day, right out of the blue, I scored a gig as a keyboardist for a band and accepted it even though I knew I was out of my depth.

I called upon Grant to help me get up to speed. He did so and made short work of it, too. He took stock of what I had compared to what I needed. Then, he gave gave me an "emergency" toolkit of concepts and ideas to lean on while I further developed my keyboard skills in accordance with a plan that he devised.

That was twenty plus years ago. From time to time, through the years, I've called upon Grant for further study. No matter how much I grow as a keyboardist and musician, Grant still remains way out in front blazing new trails of musical excellence.

These days, Grant and I live more than thirteen hundred miles apart.

Thanks to Skype, though, I still can call on his expertise and advice any time I need to. In some ways, it's even better than studying in the same room with him. He has one face-on video camera for conversation and another video camera looking straight down at his keyboard so I have a bird's eye view when he is explaining or demonstrating a concept, or hand position.

Whatever your skill level--beginner, to seasoned professional--if you'd like to study music with one of the best pianists and music educators on the planet, Grant's your man.

Again, thanks to Skype, now it doesn't matter where in the country you live. You can study with the best without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Tony Hartman, Adjunct Faculty
Studio Music Recording
Music Department, Phoenix College,
Phoenix, AZ
Tony Hartman
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